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The Business Birthing Handbook


Jennifer Armbrust's second book takes the reader through the process of birthing a a post-patriarchal business by framing the process in four distinct gestational periods: conception, visioning, engineering, and actualization.

Use this guide to root down into your motives and intentions and birth a visionary business.  

This isn't just a book for business beginners and entrepreneurs.  Indeed, the theory of trimesters can be revisited again and again to explore through big decisions, expansions, pivots, new hires, etc. 

With this book, you will be working your way through questions like, 

"What does your intuition look like? Where do you feel it in your body?"

"What does being a good ancestor mean to you?"

"Do you sleep when you're tired, eat when you're hungry, pee when you need to?" 


Get ready to try on some new ideas.  Jennifer writes about business in a radical and holistic way, but her tone is that of a gentle and wise guide.