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Proposals for the Feminine Economy


"business can be a site for feminist practices if we embody our values, create new economies, and experiment with redistributions of power & resources"

Jennifer Armbrust's vision for a new economic paradigm - one that operates from values like sustainability, empathy and care, abundance consciousness, cyclical growth, and ease.  Welcome to a new way of thinking, doing, and being.  A radical reimagining. A roadmap in the form of 7 Proposals to change the course of dysfunctional Capitalism and explore something new:

1. business as art
2. the fourth wave is feminine
3. 100 ways to make money
4. the feminine economy
5. feminist entrepreneurship 
6. 12 principles for prototyping a feminist business
7. money follows value

This book might change your life. 

I loved it so much that I contacted Jennifer and Amelia of Sister to ask if I could sell copies here; I'm so grateful they agreed.  

Buy a copy for your future self, gift one to a friend, spread the word.