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Moon Lists


From the brilliant mind of Leigh Patterson, Moon Lists is a book I've turned to for years to suss out some reflexive thinking and establish a habit of quiet "me time".  Through playful and open prompts the user is invited to punctuate the passing of time by recording life as it shifts shape, making note of passing obsessions and transient interests, observing what we take in through our senses, and a collecting of life's scraps.  Beautifully crafted, visually delicious, but not at all precious - this book is meant to be used!  


In Leigh's own words:

Why Moon?

Think about seeing the Earth from the moon. If you can see a thing more as a whole you can better understand it or see that it’s beautiful, or necessary, or stupid. But when you’re too close to the dirt you lose the landscape. The moon is a metaphor for vantage. It’s a reminder that we are guided by months and seasons, a system of order and natural rhythm that exists outside of ourselves. A sort of compass for reflection.

Why Lists?

A list can be a device for giving deep thinking concise guardrails. Lists require us to think with specificity and to articulate. They distill the wantings, the nuance, and the singularities inside life’s relentless routines. These lists are highly subjective, and that’s the point!