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Hi.  I’m Laura.  I am an artist. 

I also make jewelry.


All around us, beauty abounds.

You too, are beautiful.


My heart sometimes wanders between here and the high desert—Santa Fe and chamisa fields.  And wanders further still, to the frozen lakes of Minnesota—sight and sound obscured by whirling snow.


There are landscapes inside of landscapes.  Interior panoramas, inner terrain.

How do you traverse yours? Feed yourself along the journey? 

How do you know the way?

How do you know the way back?


My life. My heart seeks beauty where it goes—seeks avenues.

Ways of delivery.

My hands, faithful most of the time.


SUN is my bridge.  It’s my ferry—a vehicle.  How I get around. 

SUN is a vessel that contains my creative life.  It swells and shrinks to hold all and any fragments.  My eyes.  My hands.  The things I find beautiful—the things I see.  It is a bundle.  A gift.



My art is controlled.  Exercises in repetition and patience.  It is my direct line.  To reach out and touch the infinite whenever I sit down to work.  It exists for art’s sake.  It’s my constant, my  meridian.   


My jewelry exist for the sake of joy.  To make life more rich and make every day more beautiful and glowing.  Wearable objects of beauty and light.  The ritual of adornment and expression of one’s self.  Luxury.  Coming into one’s own love.  Calling in maturation and discernment.  All of these things in the spirit of joy in being here.



I’m happy to inhabit both of these worlds and mush about, outside and in-between lines of category.  I’m happy to share my work with you. 






Laura Fischer


December 11, 2018

Encinitas, CA




A snapshot of Laura's art practice, here