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Please follow these suggestions to ensure that your jewelry can live a long life and bring you as much joy as possible:


GET IN THE HABIT of removing your jewelry before bed, exercise, and any activities that might cause impact to your jewelry.  Inlay is especially vulnerable to damage upon impact, but diamonds and emeralds, too can be knocked out of their setting.   


TAKE GREAT CARE when putting on and taking off clothing like sweaters, over-the-head bras, and turtlenecks.  Hoops are delicate, yes - and so are your precious lobes. 


BE MINDFUL of exposing your jewelry to harsh detergents or chemicals.  This includes chlorinated pools, dishwashing, and showering.  Doing this will help ensure that porous stones, like Turquoise, don’t lose their luster or shift in color.


CLEAN your jewelry occasionally to avoid buildup of dirt.  Use a very soft toothbrush and a mixture of warm water and few drops of mild dish detergent like Dawn.  This is a good time to notice if your jewelry is in need of maintenance or repair.