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Magic rings!  Place an order for a ring and it will be made to order, for you, over the course of about 8 weeks. 

Unless you already know your ring size, start by ordering a ring sizer below (no charge) and that will set the wheels in motion.  Following that, we can be in touch about things like stone color and any other special instructions for your order. 

If you already know your ring size and you're ready to place an order, you'll find your ring size in the pull-down menu of the particular ring you're interested in.  If for whatever reason you don't see your size, please reach out - I'm just an email away and can adjust your order accordingly.  Once you've placed your order I will be in touch with you about additional details and info. 

Happy shopping!  Happy Dreaming!  Rings are very powerful talismans, keepers of memory, and symbols of life's most significant events.  I'm so incredibly grateful when I can be a part making something so special.