mending is a sweet (and radical) act of sustainability

Two years ago I bought two Ilana Kohn jumpsuits.  Some of the best purchases I've ever made.  Expensive, yes.  But they've been pillars of my weekly rotation ever since.  
This week, whenever I find a few minutes free, I've been working on mending my navy jumper, which is in need of some material re-enforcement and extra length in the leg. 
Mending is a radical act that goes against the grain of current societal programming.  Buy less, waste less, appreciate more - for longer.  I love to mend, so it's no problem for me to sit down and do some stitching.  I have my own style of patching; it's not perfect, not always pretty, but I'm ok with that.  With a little time and care my jumper is ready to go another 10,000 miles.
  If you don't like to mend, or don't know how - take your beloved items to the local tailor and they will thank you for the business.
Take back your power.  Mend something today.