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H E L L O + G O O D B Y E

SUN was a beloved exploration of gold and stone. 

My mission was to bring beauty into being and express the sacred creative impulses that run through me.  What you found here was jewelry made by hand from natural materials.  I believed in using solid, 14 karat gold to make jewelry that will last your lifetime. 

So much of this project was about COLOR and PLAY. These stones come from the earth – bright & bold. Their color is a precious gift. The technique of inlay is a living artistic legacy of the American Southwest. My designs were made in debt to the vision and ingenuity of the native craftspeople that created and shaped this way of working with metal and stone.  I had help from one of the most talented people to work in inlay who cuts and lays these stones with magical precision. I also had the privilege to work with a caster and CAD specialist who helped me bring my ideas to life – men that contain oceans of knowledge, both in brain and hand.

Together we made luxury objects of beauty for everyday use.  Slow and deliberate investment in adornment and outward expression.  This has been my antidote to extractive mass-consumerism and disposable fashion. I hoped it could be yours, too.

It’s with a heart full of big, big gratitude that I close this shop. Thank you for visiting and thank you for being a part of this project!